MARCH 15 The Swan on the Rideau  (band)

APRIL 1 Portage du Fort, Quebec  ART PONTIAC Fundraiser with The Band (Alistair and Mike)

MAY 17 The Swan on the Rideau  (band) – we’re asking for donations for the RYAN’S ROAD TO RECOVERY FUND tonight. Ryan’s family are friends and their 9 year-old boy is fighting cancer. We’re hoping to help him and his family out.

MAY 20 Wolfe island private show with Lynn Miles

MAY 27 Tin Pan North Showcase at Hugh’s Room, Toronto  (Tin Pan North 2016 is the link)

MAY 31  Irene’s Pub Ottawa with Lynn Miles

JUNE 21 The Swan on the Rideau  (band)

JUNE 30 Perth – EXPLORE OUR BACKYARD FESTIVAL CANADA DAY WEEKEND CELEBRATION – with JW Jones and Monkey Junk. The Band featuring Bob Stagg on keys, etc. 

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