from a disgruntled canine "fan"

from a disgruntled canine “fan”

The picture is for real, taken by my friend Dave of a copy of the CD that my friend’s dog tried to eat. This is all that was left. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

Hi –

Autumn is almost over and winter draws near  – well, it’s almost here. Ask anyone. Ask the squirrels in my squirrel feeder.


Lynn Miles and I have been playing together for 15 years this fall, and over the years people have constantly asked for a CD of what we do live, so – we did it. It’s made up of 9 live tracks recorded years ago with 6 other songs, recorded live off the floor here in my studio. I mixed it all here and we got Phillip Shaw Bova to master it. The initial response has been great. If you want to get a copy, go to

Lynn and I are doing several shows over the next while, including the annual Songs for Coldest Night shows with the extended band and strings – see the show page.

I’m all finished the new CD I produced for Ottawa songwriter Greg Kelly and awaiting getting copies made. Looking forward to that very much.

Just started a new recording for a wonderful songwriter from Winnipeg, Rick Anderson. He made the harrowing drive here and nack to get bed tracks down and now I get busy with production.

I have started putting some ideas together for a new solo/band CD. May incorporate some live tracks, some special guests – who knows? More to come on that as it unfolds.

I’m also gearing up for some gigs with The Keith Glass Band over the next few months. We had some very successful shows at The Tim Horton’s Brier, which was held in Ottawa this year, and we’re eager to play more. Personally, I am really enjoying the opportunities to play more electric guitar. If you’re a guitar-head, lately I’ve been messing with a 65 Tely with a Bigsby, or my early ’60s Guild T100D (the Slim Jim, as it was nicknamed), and my ancient Harmony 12 string electric – guitars that I don’t often get a chance to play other than in the studio,  and I’m really enjoying myself. For amps, I like my early ’60s Ampeg Reverberockets or my  ’56 Deluxe – crunchy, but sweet. There, that’s enough gear talk.

Just want to add a reminder that I’m at The Swan on the Rideau the third Wednesday of each month – usually accompanied by Alistair Dennett on percussion/drums and Mike Turenne (Sue Foley Band) on bass – and you never know who else may drop by to sit in…

Check the Show page for upcoming stuff. To be honest, I am very slow to update stuff, but it happens – eventually!

Hope to see you out there somewhere. Cheers, Keith