Hi all –

Hope all is well. My first update in a while….hmmm.

The “Road” CD that Lynn Miles and I made last year has been submitted to several categories for the upcoming Canadian Folk Music Awards. The CD is made up of 9 live tracks recorded years ago with 6 other songs recorded live off the floor here in my studio. I mixed it all here and we got Phillip Shaw Bova to master it. The initial response has been great. If you want to get a copy, go to

Lynn and I are doing several shows over the next while – check the SHOWS page or Lynn’s website for details.

I’ve been busy working on a new CD I am producing for Ottawa songwriter Howie Jamieson. Also doing some shows with the Trio – Alsitair Dennett on drums and Mike Turenne on bass. Oh, and fixing lawnmowers and drywalling my garage. Stuff.

I have started putting some ideas together for a new solo/band CD. May incorporate some live tracks, some special guests – who knows? More to come on that as it unfolds.

Just want to add a reminder that I’m at The Swan on the Rideau the third Wednesday of each month – usually accompanied by Alistair Dennett on percussion/drums and Mike Turenne (Sue Foley Band) on bass – and you never know who else may drop by to sit in…

Check the Show page for upcoming stuff. To be honest, I am very slow to update stuff, but it happens – eventually!

Hope to see you out there somewhere. Cheers, Keith