Please direct all media and booking inquiries to:

keithglss (at) gmail (dot) com     (yes, it says “glss)


Keith is currently available for solo bookings, house concerts, and band bookings (with The Keith Glass Band). View his upcoming tour schedule here.


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Keith: Just downloaded MAD DOG> love the CD….
    I was thinking of ya after listening to Lynn on a cold windy day in Cape Breton.
    Lost touch for a while New EM
    Still got the k75 and sister Sue still got the R65LS and had a trip to Oregon this summer
    long and hot …Also had a trip see J Veltheer…hasn’t changed a bit…got lots of collector cars and Guitars…I was like a kid in a candy shop…hope to see ya this summer….say hi to Allistar
    Will Herring

  2. Hi Keith, just wanted to touch base again to let you know how much we enjoyed the home concert at Ron & Charlene’s, especially the after party. Thanks for encouraging everyone to sing and for playing for hours after the concert was over. We had a really good time. Hope to see you again!

  3. Keith,

    Had a great time Saturday in Manotick listening to you and Lynn Miles. It was a wonderful feel-good evening and everyone was in a good mood. There aren’t many who can hold their own in banter with Lynn and you did just fine. My wife and I bumped into with Lynn’s Mom before the concert and she mentioned that you were for the moment an insufferably proud papa who had just received conclusive report card evidence that your brilliance had been successfully passed on to the next generation. Well done. WIshing you all the best for the coming summer season.

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